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Seeking Help From A Family Law Attorney

My name is Juliette Meeks and welcome to my blog about family law. A few months ago, I was having some family issues that required me to seek the help of an attorney. I had never needed an attorney before and I was a bit apprehensive at first to schedule a consultation. Once I did, my attorney put my fears to rest very quickly. The attorney outlined my options and answered all of my questions very thoroughly. My legal matter was settled quickly and I am thankful that I decided to seek the help of an attorney. If you need a family attorney to assist you with legal matters, you should schedule a consultation right away. In this blog, you'll learn what to expect during your first visit and all of the important questions you should ask.


Not Sure Where Your Pain Came From?

8 October 2017
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If you were injured in more than one accident, or served in the military, you could have a few different areas of mystery pain. Some of these problems can be linked to specific incidents, but if you decided to walk it off or didn't go into a doctor's office/medical, you may forget what was involved. For people with mystery pains who may have compensation opportunities, here are a few options to explore as you seek help for your pain problems. Read More …

Going Through A Divorce? Two Reasons Why You Should Get Divorce Mediation

21 February 2017
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Going through a divorce can be a very stressful time.  You are essentially dissolving a union that you may have wanted to last forever.  This can not only take a toll on you emotionally, but it can also be difficult to deal with on a physical level.  Trying to reach resolutions about how you're going to divide up your life can be hard to do when you and your former mate just can't seem to see eye to eye. Read More …

2 Tips For Building A Strong Car Accident Case

27 January 2017
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There are many challenges you must confront if you're involved in a severe car wreck. The first thing you will want to do is to recover as quickly as possible. Of course, this may require a great deal of time and patience on your part. There are many other financial losses you may incur as well and the key to being reimbursed for your losses may rest in building a strong legal case. Read More …

Estate Planning And What Not To Do

18 January 2017
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It's not just millionaires that need to make provisions for after their death, everyone needs to make an estate plan. That said, estate planning does present people with several opportunities for making mistakes. If you are interested in ensuring that your property and debts are properly disposed of after your death, read on to learn about what not to do when planning your estate. Delays and procrastination. When you think about it, planning for what to do with your property after your death is a pretty serious matter, and often people want to avoid planning for what is an inevitable occurrence. Read More …

3 Questions You May Have About Divorce

30 November 2016
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Divorces seem to be simple, but in many cases it can be more complex than you think. This is because there are so many individual factors to consider with every divorce, so it is difficult to tell a person exactly how their divorce will pan out without all the individual details, and without knowing how the judge will rule. Here are some questions that you might have about divorce. How Long Will A Divorce Take? Read More …