Not Sure Where Your Pain Came From?

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Not Sure Where Your Pain Came From?

8 October 2017
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If you were injured in more than one accident, or served in the military, you could have a few different areas of mystery pain. Some of these problems can be linked to specific incidents, but if you decided to walk it off or didn't go into a doctor's office/medical, you may forget what was involved. For people with mystery pains who may have compensation opportunities, here are a few options to explore as you seek help for your pain problems.

Past Accidents And Incident Reports

It's not too late to put in an injury claim for an issue that started years ago, but it won't be easy. You'll most likely need a lawyer, as the documentation, argument angles, and medical evidence requirements can be a lot to deal with.

This isn't something that can be solved with hard work alone. The longer you wait, the worse your condition may become, and an attorney will be able to cut through a lot of the basic mistakes and information gathering to get your claim to the right offices and in the right format.

Gather all of your old medical records, and get as many incident reports about what happened. Word of mouth means next to nothing without paperwork to back it up, and although your personal injury attorney and the sitting judge (or mediator) will need to hear your side of the story, official documentation will have to support what you say.

The best evidence will come from a workers compensation claim, or a medical professional who has a lot of clientele and no obvious personal relationship to you. If in doubt, submit your paperwork to a personal injury lawyer.

Military Disability Claims

Military veterans are entitled to medical assistance, but it's not the promises that some recruiters give. There are specific medical benefits depending on your injury level, and monetary compensation is limited to certain injury percentages.

To receive compensation, you must prove the following facts:

  • Your injury or condition is related to military service (service-connection)
  • Your injury is severe enough to require money.

Without service-connection, the Department of Veterans Affairs (the VA) won't give your compensation at all. You can get basic medical assistance at clinics, but some medical care still requires a low copay.

To get the best chance of compensation through the VA, your claim or appeal must show that your condition is severe enough to reach a percentage over 0%. A 0% disability can receive related medical care at no cost for life, but without any money being paid to the veteran. A personal injury lawyer can help you figure out the amount you deserve, along with the best way to articulate that need in your paperwork.

Contact a personal injury attorney to begin weaving through the possible causes of your injury, along with the best ways to reach compensation and recovery.