How Can Your Motor Accident Attorney Get You The Settlement You Deserve?

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How Can Your Motor Accident Attorney Get You The Settlement You Deserve?

24 January 2023
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Did you know that rear-end motor collisions are among the most common road accidents? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, they accounted for 32.5% of all vehicular collisions in 2019 alone. It's no wonder most motorists who get involved in motor accidents through no fault of their own are usually hit from behind.

It's infuriating to be hit from the back when observing traffic rules and driving at an appropriate speed. And suppose you sustain injuries, you have to pay unexpected medical bills and take time off work to recover. The good news is, you can pursue compensation for your pain and suffering. Read along to learn how your motor accident attorney will get you the settlement you're entitled to.

Gather Concrete Evidence

All motor accident cases begin with an investigation into the accident in an attempt to gather concrete evidence. Depending on the severity of the incident, this can include photos of the scene, surveying witnesses, or even calling in a reconstruction specialist to build a clearer picture of what happened. With a motor accident attorney on your side, you can rest assured that all available evidence will be gathered and analyzed so that the facts of the case are as clear as possible.

Determine What Caused the Accident

By their nature, rear-end accidents occur when a driver moves at a higher speed than the driver in front of them. This could be due to overspeeding, intoxication, road defects, adverse weather, or they simply weren't paying attention. To prove liability, your attorney will look into all other possible causes of the accident to narrow the scope and build a strong case against the at-fault driver.

Establishing Liability

Once the cause of the accident has been established beyond any reasonable doubt, assigning liability becomes a piece of cake. Together with the evidence your attorney already compiled, your legal representative can prove that you're owed compensation for any pain, loss, and damages incurred. To seal the deal, your attorney will go the extra mile to ascertain that you were operating your vehicle safely and appropriately when the accident happened.

Calculating Damages

Many motor accident victims who pursue justice on their own are often short-changed when it comes to compensation. This is because they don't know how to calculate the damages or were gaslighted into accepting less monetary settlement by the at-fault driver's insurer.

That's why you should hire a motor accident attorney and let them assess the damages the rear-end collision caused. They will factor in the cost of car repairs, medical expenses, lost wages, and any suffering or pain you may have endured due to the accident.

Do not let confusion and uncertainty following a rear-end collision stop you from seeking the help you need. Instead, hire a motor accident attorney immediately and let them get you the compensation you're entitled to. 

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