Is Your Spouse Doing Illegal Things And You Fear They May Go To Jail? Mediate A Fast Divorce Today

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Is Your Spouse Doing Illegal Things And You Fear They May Go To Jail? Mediate A Fast Divorce Today

3 November 2022
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If your spouse did something illegal without your knowledge and you want a divorce, you want to meet with a divorce attorney right away. You don't want to wait until they are sentenced and thrown in jail to try to get the divorce completed, and there could be many complications if your spouse is incarcerated.

The divorce lawyer will need a lot of information from you during your initial consultation. You also may need to prove your innocence in the situation with your spouse. A fast mediation, if possible, would be ideal in this situation to get the divorce done quickly. When you are headed to meet for the first time, be sure to have these items and documentation.

Information Regarding the Illegal Activity

You will need to be completely honest with your lawyer and provide them with any information you have regarding the illegal activity. Surrendering evidence or getting ahead of the accusations may help your case.

Any evidence you have, whether it be electronic or text messages, banking statements, pictures and more need to be handed over to your divorce attorney. This evidence may be needed in court.

Financial Information

The most difficult part of a mediation is usually the finances. Your lawyer will go through your finances to determine what is fair for settling accounts and assets and setting up alimony or child support. Here is information the lawyer will want to see:

  • Past 5 years tax returns
  • All savings and checking account statements
  • Statements for debts
  • Lists and proof of assets
  • Monthly bills and expenses
  • Mortgage information
  • 401k status
  • Portfolio

Any financial information that you think is relevant to the case needs to be brought to your lawyer so there are no surprises when you start the mediation process. You and the divorce attorney will go over what you want, what realistic expectations are, and then file and start the process.

There can be a lot of chaos when you find out that your spouse has been participating in illegal activity, lying, or hiding it from you, and they are most likely going to go to jail or prison. You need to first meet with a divorce attorney to make sure that you can start the mediation process, and then start protecting yourself.

Ask your lawyer if they think you need any type of protective order when you file, so your spouse can't come after you. If you are scared you are going to be stuck married to your spouse while they head to pay for their crimes, get a divorce attorney today. For more information, contact a divorce attorney near you.