Four Reasons You Need A Trucking Accident Lawyer After A Car Crash

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Four Reasons You Need A Trucking Accident Lawyer After A Car Crash

13 September 2022
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If you've been in an accident with a truck, especially a big rig truck on the highway, you need to see a personal injury attorney that has a lot of experience with truck accidents. There are many good reasons for this. The following are four of them.

They understand that laws regarding trucks are different

Obviously, trucks and cars share the road, so the rules governing cars will be the same for trucks. However, there are many laws that are applied to trucks alone. These laws are both state and federal. An attorney, whose focus is car accidents, may not be familiar with these laws, and this could be a problem because many of the cases made against a trucking company will rely on these federal and state laws that regulate trucks and the transportation of goods.

They understand that there may not be any witnesses to the accident

When there's an accident in town, they'll be many people who are likely to have seen it. People in their cars who are driving, parked, or stopped may be witnesses. Pedestrians walking down the sidewalk often see these accidents. But when you are on a highway and get into an accident with a big rig, it is common not to have any witnesses. This is when having an attorney with experience in trucking accidents pays dividends. Simply looking at all the evidence can give a lawyer a good picture of what happened.

They understand that trucking accidents can be different from cars

A trucking accident attorney has the experience to understand the significant differences that may occur when trucks are involved. For example, it's common for debris to fall off a truck and hit a car in the rear of the truck, causing a severe accident. They understand that trucks may not even know they've been in an accident because of the size of their trucks. A failure to look at their blind spot with a glance at their mirrors before changing lanes can cause a severe accident, and a truck driver may not even be aware of the extent of what has just happened.

They understand that there may be several parties responsible

This may mean another car in addition to the truck driver that may be responsible for the accident. It may be a situation where it was the mechanic who was negligent when they serviced the truck. This, in turn, led to danger on the road. There are many possibilities, and it may be that more than one party needs to be sued. A truck accident attorney will know the steps to take.

Always focus on hiring a trucking accident attorney after your accident. They understand the laws regarding trucks on the road. They understand there may be no witnesses, and that the nature of these accidents is often much different from that of car accidents. Furthermore, they understand that there could be other parties involved and not just the truck driver. 

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