4 Strategies Your DUI Lawyer Will Use To Reinstate Your License

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4 Strategies Your DUI Lawyer Will Use To Reinstate Your License

12 November 2021
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Driving under the influence attracts hefty penalties across the United States. If you are a first-time offender, the court might suspend your license. Losing your license can make it difficult to drive freely to your workplace or other social settings. At this point, you need to devise ways to get your license back. Here are four strategies your DUI lawyer will use to reinstate your license.

1. File an appeal

When the police arrest you for a DUI, your license may be suspended. After your arrest, your DUI defense lawyer can file an appeal for a temporary license. The Department of Motor Vehicles can grant you a hearing date after an appeal. You will have a temporary driving license for the following purposes:

  • Medical 
  • Work
  • Place of worship
  • School

2. Vouch for your sobriety

Once you plead guilty to DUI charges, you might need to enroll in a DUI school. Here, you will go through counseling and rehabilitation. You will learn about safe practices on the road to avoid dangerous driving habits. Your DUI defense lawyer can help you enroll in a suitable school. Besides that, they can vouch for your sobriety once you complete your class. Bear in mind that the time you spend in the DUI school will vary depending on the conviction. The bottom line is that your lawyer will stand by you during this period and prove you actually completed the program.

3. Acquire new insurance

Proof of insurance is vital to reinstate your driving license. As a DUI offender, you might need specific auto insurance. Here, you will deal with an insurance adjuster to get a suitable policy. Some insurance companies might quote costly premiums due to your driving history. Fortunately, you can work with a DUI attorney to review the policies. If they aren't favorable, you can appeal.

4. Accompany you to a DMV hearing

Once you complete your DUI classes, you can file for license reinstatement. Your DUI lawyer can accompany you to the Department of Motor Vehicles for the hearing and represent your interests. They will also argue your case to ensure your license is reinstated. At this point, you might need to pay a certain amount of money to the DMV before you can get your license back.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, your DUI defense lawyer will use the above strategies to help reinstate your license. The entire process will be easier if you have an attorney in your corner.