How To Understand Your Car Accident Damages

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How To Understand Your Car Accident Damages

19 March 2021
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In time, car accident injuries will heal. However, the only way to heal your financial situation is to pay attention to the ways you've been damaged and seek monetary compensation for each of them. Read on and know what you are entitled to be paid as a result of the accident.

Your Wrecked Vehicle – While it's only an object, the need for transportation should not be underestimated. You can expect to be paid for the damage to your vehicle, but a few issues can often make the process less than smooth. One issue concerns an existing loan on the vehicle. You could end up "upside-down," with the vehicle being worth less than what you owe. You might have to take legal action to be paid enough to pay off your loan if the car is totaled. You may also need a rental car for the time being.

Other Personal Property – You might be surprised at the replacement cost of a child's car seat, a cell phone, an iPad, an expensive leather bag, and other personal possessions that can be lost or damaged after an accident. Even the clothing you had on may be ruined and need replacing.

Lost Income – Most victims can't afford to do without a salary for the days, weeks, or even months it can take to recover from an accident. You should not need to use up your valuable job perks because of a careless driver. Keep track of your missed time from work and be ready to show proof of your lost wages.

Medical Expenses – This form of damage can be extremely expensive. To ensure that everything is paid and paid quickly, speak to a personal injury lawyer. They can help you cut through the red tape that might delay medical payments or they could be sent to collections. One issue to watch out for is denied claims for costly and uncommon expenses like air transport by life-flight. This service is expensive, and you don't want the insurer denying that important and necessary expense.

Pain and Suffering – Finally, pain and suffering payments are based on the seriousness of your injuries. That can bring the dollar amount of your medical treatment costs into the picture. For serious injuries, victims could be paid five or more times the cost of their medical expenses. Even minor accidents will incur pain and suffering damages but you must take legal action to be paid for it. Don't expect the insurer to volunteer it.

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