What To Do If You Think Your Parent Is A Victim Of Nursing Home Neglect

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What To Do If You Think Your Parent Is A Victim Of Nursing Home Neglect

18 February 2021
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You and your family might have taken your time to choose the right nursing home for your parent. After all, you might have realized that your loved one needed more care than you and your other family members could provide, but you probably wanted to make sure that your family member would receive the care that they need, and you probably wanted to make sure that your parent would be as comfortable as possible. Now, though, you might feel as if your parent is being neglected. These are some of the things that you should do if you think your parent is a victim of nursing home neglect.

Start Checking In More Often

If you start checking in on your parent more often, it could encourage the individuals who work in the nursing home to step up and take better care of your mom or dad. Additionally, it can help you stay abreast of the situation and can help you determine if there truly is a neglect issue. If possible, consider stopping by for unscheduled visits on a regular basis; your loved one is sure to appreciate the company anyway. If not, then consider calling in regularly and inquiring about your parent's well-being and the types of care that they are getting.

Bring Up Your Concerns With Management

If you haven't yet talked to a supervisor at the nursing home about your concerns, you should consider doing so. Consider scheduling a meeting — either in-person or on the telephone — to talk about your concerns, and ask them about any action that they are planning on taking to remedy the issue.

Gather Up As Much Evidence As Possible

While all of this is going on, it's important to gather up as much evidence as possible about your parent's condition and treatment. If you notice that your parent has soiled bedding or dirty clothing when you visit, for example, make sure that you document this. If your parent has been telling you that they haven't been getting enough to eat, make sure that you take notes. Document any meetings that you have with supervisors or other interactions that you have with nursing home staff members in regards to your parent's care or lack thereof.

Consult With a Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

Lastly, if you feel confident that your loved one is, in fact, a victim of nursing home neglect, make sure that you consult with a nursing home neglect attorney. Give them all of the documentation and evidence that you have about the situation, and allow them to take the situation further. Then, you can hold the nursing home and its staff responsible, and you and your family can potentially be compensated.

Contact a local nursing home neglect lawyer to learn more.