Can A Personal Injury Case Include PTSD?

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Can A Personal Injury Case Include PTSD?

17 August 2020
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After a personal injury, many people express a series of emotions that surprise them. These emotions are often part of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. You may be surprised to learn that you can face PTSD after a serious injury, including a car accident or pedestrian accident. You might even be more surprised to learn that your symptoms could lead to a successful personal injury case.

Are you thinking about pursuing a personal injury case based on your PTSD diagnosis? This is what you need to know.

When Should You Get Checked Out for PTSD?

You should always see a doctor immediately after an injury.

Of course, you might not notice the signs of PTSD right away, and they often take a while to develop. You should determine if you have a PTSD diagnosis based on flashbacks to the injury or accident, angry outbursts, intense fears, panic attacks, insomnia, and other symptoms that feel new.

What Are the Long-Term Consequences of PTSD?

Many people with PTSD after accidents and personal injuries impact their lives. For example, you may have been the victim of a car accident and now you are afraid to drive a car. Perhaps you are afraid to even ride in a car. You may be afraid to go for a walk, ride a bus, or ride a bike.

All of this can make it very difficult for you to work and maintain a healthy daily routine. It can also put a lot of strain on your relationships. In some cases, the symptoms can escalate into severe flashbacks and emotional pain and suffering.

Can You Recover Compensation for Treatment?

You may be able to receive compensation for PTSD damages, which can include the costs of treatment. Your treatment could include cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, and medication. This can be expensive over time, as necessary as it is.

What Other Compensation Can You Recover After PTSD?

After you are diagnosed with PTSD, you may be able to recover other forms of compensation. This includes the time you have to take off work for recovery from your injuries as well as the time you have to take off for PTSD treatment. You may even have to quit your job. For instance, you may no longer be able to work as a delivery driver if your car accident made you fear driving.

If another person is responsible for an injury that left you with PTSD, you have options. A personal injury attorney can help you determine the next steps in your case, file an insurance claim, calculate your losses, and more. Call a personal injury attorney today to learn more.