Questions About What to Do if You're Injured While on Your Bike

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Questions About What to Do if You're Injured While on Your Bike

17 June 2020
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Auto accidents are usually easy to figure out when it comes to who to file an insurance claim through and who is responsible due to traffic laws. However, things get more complicated when you are injured while on your bike. Here are a few questions you may have about this type of accident.

1. Do You Use Auto Insurance as an Injured Cyclist?

One thing that you may not realize is that you can use your car insurance as a cyclist to cover the injuries sustained in an accident with another vehicle, even if you're on a bike. This is what your underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage is designed to cover, and it will protect you even if you were involved in an accident as a pedestrian walking across the street.

If you are worried about uninsured or underinsured motorists while riding a bike, you can buy auto insurance to cover these specific incidents. It's known as a non-owner policy and insures you if you were to drive another person's vehicle. You can then add on those underinsured and uninsured policies to give you the coverage you need.

2. Who Is Responsible if a Cyclist Is Hit by a Vehicle's Door?

Bike lanes are often located between the lane of traffic and side street parking. Cyclists are supposed to ride their bike as far to the right as possible to stay in their designated cycling lane, but there are incidents where a person is hit by a driver opening the door of their vehicle. This is an accident where the driver of the vehicle is 100% responsible for the accident, no matter who in the car is opening the door. Even if someone is a taxi driver and a passenger opens the door to the vehicle, the person in the car is still responsible. These types of accidents can lead to major injuries and property damage

3. What Should You Do After an Accident on Your Bike? 

It is important to document the accident as much as possible after an accident while on a bike. Take photos of the damage caused to the bike, damage caused to the vehicle, and your physical injuries. You may not always be able to do these things if you are taken to a hospital, but having photo evidence is crucial. Bike accidents do not always leave behind the same evidence as accidents between two cars, so you want to document evidence while it is still there. A personal injury lawyer can represent you and guide you through the legal process of determining how much you'll get through your claim.