How An Association Lawyer Can Help Protect A Homeowner's Association And Its Members

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How An Association Lawyer Can Help Protect A Homeowner's Association And Its Members

12 May 2020
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When you buy a townhouse or a condominium, you will most likely become part of a homeowner's association or HOA. This HOA is usually set up by the corporation who operates the building and sees to its maintenance and repairs. Townhouse owners and condominium owners pay into the HOA and typically have a say in any rule changes or even the overall upkeep of the building and grounds.

An association lawyer helps to protect the HOA as a whole and can also provide services in the event of a dispute among owners and the HOA. How can an association lawyer help protect a townhouse homeowner's association? Here are a few examples.

Helps Define Rules And Regulations Of The HOA

An association lawyer can help an HOA and the residents to define and even change the rules and regulations surrounding what's expected of everyone living there. A lawyer can help with the legal rights of the owners of the properties within the complex and how they relate to the grounds upkeep, maintenance of the building and houses in general, and even the overall safety of the complex.

An association lawyer helps to guide the HOA and its members in setting up the rules that everyone must follow. This can include everything from what size of flag they can have to what flowers are planted. This is to ensure uniformity of the property and that everyone is treated fairly.

Help To Mediate Disputes With The HOA And Residents

While the majority of the time, an HOA and residents tend to be able to negotiate any problems that could arise on their own, it's possible that an issue can come up that might need a third party to help solve the problem. An association lawyer can help mediate any disputes between the HOA and residents.

An association lawyer can help explain what the legal rights, depending on your state, are in regards to the rules and regulations of the HOA. They can help with arbitration or dispute resolution, or perhaps help to arrange a separate and independent mediator to negotiate a dispute resolution that works for everyone.

Help With Any Legal Action Against The HOA

An association lawyer can also help represent the HOA or any of its members in any legal action taken against it. This could be a dispute from homeowners toward the governing body of the HOA itself or it could be between the homeowners because of fence lines or other types of dispute.

An association lawyer can also help the HOA with any legal disputes with outside entities too. If there are issues with vendors, contractors, or even developers, an association lawyer can represent the HOA and its residents in any potential lawsuit.

For more information, contact an association attorney in your area.