Filing For Worker's Compensation? When To Hire An Attorney

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Filing For Worker's Compensation? When To Hire An Attorney

7 August 2019
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Getting hurt on the job can be a life-changing experience. You're going along handling your work responsibilities when you slip-and-fall, hurt some part of your body on a forklift, or are coming into the building and slammed in the front of your body by the door because it is broken. The pain can be devastating and even worse is the fact that you can no longer handle your workload. It's time to file for worker's compensation, but it may not be appropriate to do it on your own. If you plan to seek worker's compensation here are a few ways you can know when it's most appropriate to hire a lawyer.

Pre-Existing Injuries Can Throw A Monkey Wrench In The Process

It's one thing for you to have injuries that can be directly tied back to your work incident. This makes things cut-and-dry and increases the chances that your claim will be pushed through to completion without dispute. However, what happens if you already had a condition that was made worse by the accident? Are you prepared to defend yourself against an insurance company who might try to deny your claim because they believe it wasn't necessarily caused by what happened at work? If the answer to this question is "no," you need a worker's compensation attorney.

Worker's compensation lawyers know how to build up a very substantial case on your behalf. For example, they could bring in doctors as expert witnesses who can prove that your medical condition is a direct result of your work injuries. The lawyer is there to help you gather all of the evidence you need to prove that you are owed worker's compensation coverage so you won't be without an income for any longer than necessary.

Your Employer Is Not Being Responsive

When you file for worker's compensation coverage there are usually quite a few parties involved. The insurance company has to communicate with you and your employer, and your boss or manager might need to call in an incident report or fill out forms to back up your claim. Some employers know how to get this done quickly while others drag their feet. If your boss isn't being responsive, you don't want to risk getting into an altercation. Let an experienced worker's compensation attorney handle this kind of situation for you.

You were hurt on the job and now it's time to take action. Partner up with a worker's compensation attorney and get on the road to reclaiming your life much more quickly.

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