Tips For Keeping Evidence Photos During A Personal Injury Case

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Tips For Keeping Evidence Photos During A Personal Injury Case

8 June 2018
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One of the big factors that can boost your likelihood of getting a favorable court ruling or settlement in a personal injury case is the quality of the photos that you have. If you had the wherewithal to take photos immediately upon the incident taking place, whether you were bitten by someone's aggressive dog, slipped in a store, or sustained an injury in another manner, you'll want to pass these images to your personal injury attorney as he or she prepares your case. Images of this nature take any speculation out of the case and may be the difference between winning and losing. Once you've taken your photos, here are some tips for keeping them.

Save Them In Multiple Places

If you've ever been searching for an image on your smartphone and realized that you deleted it sometime in the past, you'll know how easy it can be to wipe out photos. This is a major issue when you have evidence photos that could make or break your personal injury case, so make a point of saving the images in multiple places as soon as you can. Save a copy of each photo to your cloud account, to your home computer, and perhaps even backed up onto a DVD that you can store in a safe area. You can't afford to lose these critical images.

Don't Adjust Them

In an era in which many people use social media filters to improve how their images look, this is a habit from which you want to stay away when you have evidence photos. Photos that appear to be doctored in any way can be detrimental to your case. The other party's attorneys might suggest that if you changed the lighting or colors in your photos, you may have also edited them maliciously. Keep the original images and don't succumb to the temptation to adjust them.

Keep Them Off Social Media

Many people are also in the habit of posting any important photos on social media, but you should avoid doing so with your evidence photos. Displaying them in this public manner means that the other party's investigators may get access to them. This can tip your hand as to what type of solid evidence your attorney will be presenting, and thus allow the other side's attorneys to prepare to counter the photos in some manner. Even if you want to get some attention or a reaction, you're best to keep your evidence photos off social media.

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