3 Instances Where You Should Think About Getting A Prenuptial Agreement

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3 Instances Where You Should Think About Getting A Prenuptial Agreement

30 November 2016
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Divorce is so common in society that it is important that before you enter into any marriage that you consider what you can do to protect yourself. In fact, before you enter any marriage you should consider getting a prenuptial agreement. Not all situations require a prenup, but there are definitely some situations where you should get a prenup agreement. Here are some reasons to get an agreement.

1. You Have A Small Fortune

If you have money that is from work that you have done, a trust fund, inheritance, or any other source, you should always get a prenup agreement. If you were to divorce down the road, there is a chance that your soon-to-be ex-spouse could take up to half of your fortune, simply because you two were married. Getting a prenup can protect your money so that even though your spouse and you may have to share money, hopefully it will only be the money that you two earned together and your personal money will be protected.

2. You Have Children

If you have children before entering the marriage, you should get a prenuptial agreement. Many times in a divorce the spouse gets preference so that any money that you wanted to go to your children from your previous fortune or trust funds could be split between the spouses and the children will be left out. You cannot ensure that your spouse will take care of their stepchildren, so you should make sure that you are protecting your children by getting a prenup. This way any money that you had set aside for your biological children cannot be touched in the divorce.

3. You Have Been Married Before

Although divorce is common among first marriages, it is even more common in second and third marriages. If you have already been married previously and have been divorced, you should already know how messy and difficult it can be, which is why a prenup is ideal. It will allow both spouses to protect their individual interests and simplify the process if the marriage were to dissolve.

It is important to recognize that getting a prenuptial agreement does not mean that you think that the marriage will fail and you are setting it up for failure. Instead, it means that you are just protecting yourself for the worst case scenario. If you think you need a prenuptial agreement, you should contact an attorney such as those found at Gordon Liebmann Attorneys at Law.