3 Tips That an Arthritis Sufferer Should Consider

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3 Tips That an Arthritis Sufferer Should Consider

8 September 2016
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Did you have no choice but to quit your job due to the complications of arthritis? Are you now trying to figure out how to take care of your daily living expenses, stay active, and get around your two-story house without having to struggle? Take a look at this article for a few helpful tips that are worth giving some consideration to for your situation.

1. Invest in a Stair Glide for Your House

If you struggle to go up and down the stairs in your house due to severe arthritis pain, consider purchasing a stair glide. Basically, a stair glide is a mechanical chair that is able to transport you between the top and bottom of the stairs. All you have to do is sit in the chair and buckle yourself up for safety. You can then press a button on the chair or use a remote to make the chair move in the direction of your choice. There are also stair glides that you can stand up on if bending your knees to sit down is too painful to cope with.

2. Try to Remain as Active as Possible

Although you have stopped working because your arthritis pain is difficult to cope with, it is important for you to remain active. You don't want to get into the habit of just sitting and lying around your house all day. Your condition can become worse if you don't move around as often as you are able to. It is wise to start undergoing physical therapy if you are not attending sessions already. Even joining a gym is better than allowing the arthritis pain to keep you stationary.

3. Apply for SSDI Benefits with Help from an Attorney

The best way to make up for lost income is to apply for social-security disability-insurance (SSDI) benefits. The first thing that you should do is speak to an attorney, as he or she can make the application process a lot smoother. Without the right kind of evidence, it is possible for your SSDI application to get denied. An attorney will help you fill out the application, gather sufficient evidence to prove the severity of your arthritis, and possibly help you avoid getting unnecessarily examined by an appointed physician. Get in touch with an attorney by visiting sites such as http://www.johnehornattorney.com as soon as you can so he or she can begin the process of helping you apply for SSDI benefits.