How An Attorney Can Help You When You're Filing For Social Security Disability

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How An Attorney Can Help You When You're Filing For Social Security Disability

30 June 2016
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If you are to the point where you are ready to file for social security disability benefits, you might want to consider hiring an attorney to help you. To understand how this would be beneficial for you and your case, you will want to check out the following points.

Helps You Understand The Questionnaire

When you first apply for social security disability benefits, you will receive a large questionnaire in the mail. It must be completed in full and returned to the social security office by a certain date. You do not want to find yourself intimidated by how many questions there are or how the questions are asked. Many people find that some of the questions are a little tricky; some of the questions may seem as though someone is trying to get you to answer them wrong. While that may not be the intent, it is important to make sure that you are being consistent with your answers. Your social security disability attorney will be able to help you understand what exactly is being asked of you in the questionnaire and can assist you in making sure that you are answering in a way that thoroughly explains how you are suffering.

Ensures All Of Your Medical Records Are Sent To The Social Security Office

It is important that your caseworker receives all of your medical records that date back to the start of your injury or illness. This includes records from your primary care doctor, chiropractor, therapist, psychiatrist, surgeon, specialist, and any hospitals that you have visited. Initially, your social security caseworker will request all of the medical records on your behalf. All you have to do is provide him or her with the names of the doctors or medical facilities, their contact information, and the approximate dates of your treatment so they know what time periods to ask for records from. If your caseworker does not end up getting all of your medical records, your attorney can place a follow up call to those doctors and hospitals to ask that they send the requested records to the social security office. It is important that all records are received in order to improve your chances of proving how disabled you are.

With just those two points in mind, you should be able to see how an attorney can help you. All you need to do now is get in contact with an attorney from a company like Hawkins  Bingham &  Miller and schedule a consultation.