Why You Need An Attorney For Your First Drunk Driving Offense

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Why You Need An Attorney For Your First Drunk Driving Offense

10 May 2016
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Getting a DUI is never an enjoyable experience. As many as 1,250 out of 100,000 people get arrested for drunk driving in the US, making it a fairly common offense. If you get a DUI, you can benefit from getting an attorney. Here are reasons you need a DUI attorney for your first offense for drunk driving.

You can face jail time

Every state has a different rule when it comes to DUI offenses, and many things come into play. You could face jail time if you are convicted of drunk driving, even if it is your first offense. You need to hire a lawyer if you have a serious case against you, such as:

  • injury to another person or property
  • getting a DUI while having children in the car
  • having a very high blood alcohol content level
  • aggression toward police officer(s) during arrest
  • license already suspended when you were arrested

To avoid facing jail time and to know how to plead in your case, you need a DUI lawyer to assist you. They can represent you at your arraignment and during trial to help you get by with lesser charges, such as probation, community service, or amended charges.

You can lose your license

Even a first-time DUI will usually lead to the loss of your license. This can be for a few months to several months or a year or more, depending on how severe your drunk driving case is. Your lawyer can work with the prosecution to help limit the length of time your license will be suspended or work out a plea deal where you can have limited driving privileges to go to work or school.

You can lose your job

If you work as a public figure, such as in the police or fire department, for the city, or as an educator, you may risk losing your job as a result of your DUI charge. Your attorney can work with the prosecution to lessen your charges so they show more favorably on your record. They can also help negotiate your job position with your employer if your job is in danger as a result of your DUI.

Getting your first DUI can seriously impact your life. You don't want to have to go to jail, lose your job, or face very serious charges, so getting a lawyer is likely your best option. Find a DUI lawyer to assist you in your case so you can have the legal protection you need. Click here to learn more about this topic.