Dealing With Pain And Difficulty As A Veteran?

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Dealing With Pain And Difficulty As A Veteran?

11 January 2016
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After leaving the military, veterans are faced with a new mission: transitioning to civilian life. As far as health goes, veterans run the gamut from combat injuries and major accidents on the job to normal wear and tear than can be expected from rough duty. Difficult living conditions and rolling and tumbling unexpectedly are no new dangers to veterans of any time period, but recognition is becoming easier. If you're dealing with challenges making it through your job, enjoying life to the fullest or even just surviving, take a look at how Veterans Affairs (VA) and legal assistance can help you recover.

Not Looking For A Handout? There's Still Something For You

A lot of this advice is useful for any veteran, but a special notice goes to veterans who weren't injured in any specific accidents or confrontations. Even if you don't have some grand story behind a scar, limp or pain, you can still get help.

Aches and pains can catch up to you, and they may eventually slow you down at work. You may spend more time than others to get the job done, or you might be spending unnecessary money on pain pills or other types of relief. If you're not doing any of this and just toughing it out... why? You're not getting anything for toughing it out, but you could achieve so much more by just taking a look at what Veterans Affairs has to offer.

The VA can perform a specific analysis of your health and provide recovery services such as physical therapy. Instead of just dealing with a problem, you can be rehabilitated with programs that are designed for you. You're not taking extra money from the taxpayers--that money is already spent, and the VA has its funding whether you're involved or not--and you don't have to pay anything to receive medical help.

VA disability is a big topic when it comes to dealing with pain and difficulties as a veteran, but you don't have to accept disability if you don't want it. Just get help and make sure that you're healthy enough to be productive, not just stubborn enough to work through.

If you're interested in disability, know that you'll need to get your documentation in order to receive it as soon as possible.

Disability Benefits Can Make Life Better

Disability coverage isn't really a handout, but it's understandable that some people don't want help at all. That said, if your income, ability to support yourself or ability to support your family is damaged because of the military, it isn't a handout. It's compensation for your service.

VA disability isn't like Social Security's disability insurance. You're not taking from a safety net designed only for the most needy and damaged people of the United States. The VA's disability funding is specifically for people like you, and it's even paid by percentage. This means that you'll be paid according to how affected the VA thinks you are.

Unlike Social Security, there are no income limits for VA disability. Unless your disability should logically stop you from working, you can continue to work as much as you want if you have a specific problem. Not all disabilities are total disabilities, so it's understandable that you can work as much as you want until pain or mobility issues gets in the way.

To make the process easier, contact a personal injury lawyer like Geoffrey S. Gulinson & Associates PC. With a lawyer's help, your medical documentation can be arranged in a way that the VA is likely to agree with the first time around.