Legal Disputes: 5 Reasons Mediation May Be Your Best Choice

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Legal Disputes: 5 Reasons Mediation May Be Your Best Choice

23 July 2015
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It doesn't matter if you're getting divorced or if there has been a wage and hour dispute between you and your employer, mediation can often help. Here are five reasons why mediation may be your best bet:

It Is Controlled by the Involved Parties.

As a general rule, when mediation is decided on as a legal course of action, the involved parties will be in control of the majority of the process. For example, you would choose the person that serves as the mediator. You would also possibly choose when and where the process occurs. In some cases, you may even be able to develop the basic ground rules for how the process will proceed.

It Is More Flexible When Resolving Disputes.

During mediation, the parties are able to discuss with one another regarding potential solutions. This means that you are allowed to come up with your own solution rather than having a judge or a jury do it for you. Therefore, you are able to come up with a solution that a judge or jury might not offer.

It Helps Parties Find Common Ground.

If you're going into mediation, then you were unable to devise a plan or an agreement with the other party on your own. A mediator works as a sounding board to listen to both sides and to provide their honest opinion. They are an unbiased third party that can help to realistically value your case. An experienced and knowledgeable mediator can help create resolution options that neither party ever envisioned being possible.

It Allows More Participation from All Involved Parties.

In a courtroom, you don't get to speak very much. In fact, you only speak when spoken to. You don't get to really elaborate on your answers, and you only get to answer the questions that are asked. In mediation, you are supposed to speak up and participate so that the case can be resolved. This may result in a better overall agreement or settlement, since all parties are able to throw in their opinion and be heard.

It Saves Time and Money.

Regardless of the type of case, going through mediation can save time and money for all parties involved. This is particularly true for cases where there are a lot of facts to be brought to the table and discussed. Developing a strong case and going to a trial that could last more than just one day is time-intensive and can cost a large sum of money. Mediation is informal, can occur early on and allows a case to be resolved far easier and for a much smaller price.

If you believe mediation is something that you and your legal case can benefit from, contact a professional mediation services company, like Mitchell Mediation Service, to find out more.