The Importance Of Expert Witnesses In A Case

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The Importance Of Expert Witnesses In A Case

23 January 2015
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Most people have heard of an "expert witness" from watching one of the many courtroom dramas on television. You may be less familiar with who an expert witness is and how their testimony can benefit either side in a civil or criminal case. Having an expert witness offer testimony can be one of the most important factors toward winning your case. Here are some reasons why having an expert witness testify in your case is essential.

Courtroom Experience and Practical Knowledge:

An expert witness is considered such because they are an expert in a particular field, such as psychology. Even more so, an expert witness will be a noted expert in a specific area of specialization within this field. He or she will also have a great deal of practical experience in the area that the testimony concerns. In the above example of psychology, an expert witness may have specialized in child psychology or criminal psychology. Also, the expert will have extensively published in this area of specialization and hold credentials in this subject.

Additionally, an expert witness will have previously testified in other court cases similar to your own. Do not assume that any psychologist will be considered an expert by the court. Instead, your goal should be to find an expert witness that has experience in a courtroom. You want an expert witness that offers both knowledge of a subject and the ability to present this information in a concise, clear language that helps the jury understand the facts of the case.

Expert Witnesses and Settlements

As you may already know, many court cases can go on for several years, encompassing appeals, counter claims and challenges. The initial court proceedings can last for months. An expert witness can benefit your case in this situation, since the very knowledge that an expert witness will be testifying can cause the opposing party to want to settle the case. This can help both sides avoid months or years of often painful and taxing proceedings.


Understand, an expert witness is always to be unbiased and impartial. In theory, this type of witness has no obligation to anyone on either side and is committed only to telling the complete truth. However, since one side or the other is paying for the witness to appear, the opposition is withing their rights to suggest to the jury and judge that the witness might be biased. Talk to your attorney, like Shaw Leslie Law Office for more information.