Six Crazy Laws Still On The Books In The United States

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Six Crazy Laws Still On The Books In The United States

16 January 2015
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According to Cornell University Law School, a crime is any violation of a public law, whether it is on the local, state or federal level. Technically then, you could find yourself facing a judge by violating any of the following six laws.

Finger-Licking Good

In Gainesville, Georgia, the law says fried chicken must be eaten with your fingers. It started as a publicity stunt to promote this southern dish, but somehow the ordinance became law and is still on the books. Will you be arrested for eating that chicken breast with a fork? Who knows, but do you really want to chance it?

Rudeness Immunity

Flip the bird at a New Orleans firefighter or give him a not-so-nice description of his ancestry and you could end up in court. Well, probably not, since the Supreme Court ruled the law unconstitutional, at least for the police force. But, the city fathers have yet to delete section 74-2, applicable to fire fighters, from the New Orleans City Code.

Stand Still While I Measure Your High Heels

In Carmel, California, it is illegal to wear shoes with more than a 2-inch heel. You could go a bit higher if the heel is at least one-square-inch thick, but stilettos are out. The law was created to limit the city's liability if high heel wearers slipped and fell on the city's somewhat jagged streets. No, you probably won't get arrested. But, to be sure, visit City Hall to get a free high-heel permit.

Thou Shalt Not Play Cards On Sunday

Alabama has a law on the books that prohibits card playing, gambling, hunting and racing on Sundays. Though rare, lawless criminals have been fined and even sent to jail for such immoral acts. It must have been a slow crime day.

No Sunday Sales

In Maine it is illegal for dealers to sell a car on Sunday. Despite efforts to overturn the law, it is still on the books. Punishments vary from jail time to fines to loss of a dealer's license. Motor homes are the exception because they are "technically" not cars but vehicles used to explore the great outdoors, which is legal on Sundays.  

How Old Is He?

You've probably heard of kids running away to join the circus in the old days. In Georgia, it was common practice to "rent" children out to work in the big top. As long as they were 13, it wasn't an issue. Section 39-2-17, which applies to the illegal sending away of children under 13 to the circus, is still on the books today.

If you ever find yourself arrested for a law you don't understand, make sure to contact a reputable lawyer like Mark Battaglia, P.C. for help.