3 Ways To Get The Most From Your Attorney-Client Relationship

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3 Ways To Get The Most From Your Attorney-Client Relationship

8 January 2015
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Hiring an attorney can be an expensive endeavor. To ensure that you are maximizing your investment, it is important that you understand how the attorney-client relationship works. Having basic knowledge about this relationship will help you see how beneficial working on the relationship between you and your attorney can be.

Here are 3 ways that you can get the most from your attorney-client relationship in the future.

1. Take advantage of consultations.

The initial meeting with your attorney is commonly referred to as a consultation. During this meeting the attorney will attempt to gather information regarding your case to determine whether or not they will accept you as a client. Many clients make the mistake of thinking they cannot gather their own information during a consultation.

Forging a solid attorney-client relationship requires that you trust your attorney. Use the consultation to ask questions about your attorney's background and qualifications. It can also be beneficial to gather information on the attorney's preferred method of payment. By using the consultation as a time where you can get to know your attorney better, you will feel more confident establishing an open dialogue in the future.

2. Be truthful in all discussions you have with your attorney.

Trust works both ways, so it is important that you are honest with your attorney in order to establish a solid attorney-client relationship. It might be tempting to leave out the less favorable aspects of your legal situation, but having access to all the facts will allow your attorney to fully prepare for your case.

Being truthful in all discussions you might have with your attorney will reduce the chances that your attorney is blindsided by the opposing party, and this helps foster trust between you and your legal counsel.

3. Promptly respond to any requests from your attorney.

In order to mount a case on your behalf, your attorney will likely need access to certain documents pertaining to your case. Since most legal issues are time sensitive, failing to provide these documents in a timely manner could cause complications.

If your attorney is constantly requesting extensions on your behalf because you have not provided the necessary documentation, the added work load will strain the attorney-client relationship. Be sure that you return all messages from your attorney's office, and provide any requested documents as soon as possible.

Working to build a more favorable attorney-client relationship will help you feel more confident about your case. When you and your attorney are able to communicate in an open and honest manner, you can begin to receive the quality legal representation you have paid for.

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