Common Reasons For A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

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Common Reasons For A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

12 December 2014
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If you have recently suffered an injury because of a mistake a doctor or medical facility caused, you can sue that health care provider. This is also true if someone you loved passed away at the hands of the health care provider. Retaining an attorney who is experienced in medical malpractice lawsuits will be helpful, because these cases can be somewhat difficult to prove. Here is an overview on a few examples of what can go wrong during a medical procedure that subsequently caused the injury.


If a doctor fails to properly diagnose a condition, this means that you could miss crucial treatment options, which may be harmful or even fatal. You would need to be able to prove that your doctor provided a misdiagnosis. Your medical records should contain enough information that shows what your doctor originally diagnosed you with, the type of treatment options that they provided to you, and how they differed from the options you should have had presented.

Medication Errors

Errors in medication can happen in a few different ways. The initial prescription could be wrong, or the way the drug was administered could be incorrect. You could be harmed if you are prescribed the wrong medication or given the wrong dose. In the case of a hospital setting, it's possible the wrong drug could be given to you. 

Medication errors can happen because your doctor wrote the incorrect dosage amount on the prescription, the pharmacy misread the prescription, a nurse gave you the wrong medicine (or the correct medicine but the wrong dose), or the equipment that administers medication failed and caused a larger dose of medication to be administered. 

Surgical Errors

Many cases of medical malpractice are the result of a mistake made in the operating room. Your surgeon may be negligent when performing the surgery by operating on the wrong body part, injuring your internal organs, or leaving instruments inside of your body. The nursing staff assisting in the procedure could be negligent when administering post-surgical medications and care, and that negligence could cause a serious infection. Also, the anesthesiologist could administer the wrong dosage of anesthesia, which could cause you to be awake during the procedure, even feel some of the pain of the operation.

If you feel that any of these scenarios has happened to you, you should consider a medical malpractice lawsuit to compensate you for all of the pain and suffering you have endured. Visit sites like​ for more information.