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My name is Juliette Meeks and welcome to my blog about family law. A few months ago, I was having some family issues that required me to seek the help of an attorney. I had never needed an attorney before and I was a bit apprehensive at first to schedule a consultation. Once I did, my attorney put my fears to rest very quickly. The attorney outlined my options and answered all of my questions very thoroughly. My legal matter was settled quickly and I am thankful that I decided to seek the help of an attorney. If you need a family attorney to assist you with legal matters, you should schedule a consultation right away. In this blog, you'll learn what to expect during your first visit and all of the important questions you should ask.


Living With An Illness Or Injury? 3 Signs You Should Consider A Malpractice Lawsuit

26 March 2019
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All too often, people assume that medical malpractice claims are relegated to issues like surgical errors. However, there are many different ways that doctors can fail, and you shouldn't have to pay the consequences for someone else's mistakes. Here are three signs you should think about filing a medical malpractice lawsuit if you are dealing with an illness or injury:  1. Your Doctor Didn't Take Your Issue Seriously You did your part by scheduling a prompt appointment and going in for professional medical advice, so if your illness or injury was made worse because the doctor didn't take your concerns seriously, you may be eligible to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Read More …

What You Need To Know About The Accuracy Of DUI Blood And Breath Testing

13 January 2019
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Blood and breath tests are commonly used to determine if a driver has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) that exceeds the legal limit. Drivers who exceed this limit, which is 0.08% in most states, can be charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), leading to jail time, fines, loss of driving privileges and other penalties. Although driving under the influence is a dangerous practice, the blood and breath tests used to determine a person's BAC level are not always accurate. Read More …

Establish A Trust To Manage Your Money If You Have A Child With Chemical Dependency Issues

5 December 2018
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It's common for people to leave their assets to their children, but if you have a child who is dealing with chemical dependency issues, you might feel uneasy about listing him or her in your will as a beneficiary. The simple fact is that a large inheritance for someone with addiction issues could prove to be fatal, and that's not a thought that you want to remotely entertain as you approach the end of your life. Read More …

3 Things You Need To Kick A Spouse Out Of The House During A Divorce

24 October 2018
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As long as your divorce hasn't been finalized, both of you have a right to continue using or living in your marital home. Therefore, if you want sole use of the home during this period, you need the court's help to get your partner out of the home. Here are three things you will need to prove to get your partner out of the home while the divorce is pending. Read More …

Thinking About Buying A House? Why You Should Hire An Attorney

8 August 2018
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Regardless of your income level or economic standing purchasing a house is a pretty big deal. You're likely going to spend more money on the house than you would even think about splurging on another item because you're hoping that you're making an investment that will pay off both now and in the future. Although you have probably already contracted with a real estate agent and are being assisted throughout the home buying process, you also need to think about the legal aspect of the deal. Read More …